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Talent Management

Our talent management software very much focuses on the following outcomes – to facilitate the attraction, retention and motivation of a company’s talent pool. It is as simple as that.

Some of the product functionality includes:

  1. Direct, no fuss import of your Talent Management metrics & data
  2. Being able to easily identify high performers through performance, appraisal & pay history
  3. Management of all aspects of Reward for International Talent Pool members
  4. Being able to identify those at risk of leaving and take corrective action
  5. Measuring individual competency against current and future roles
  6. Modelling, planning & budgeting the costs of Talent Pool pay separate from all others
  7. Clear links shown between performance achieved and rewards available
  8. Annual Appraisal results can also be linked to reward calculations/payouts
  9. Multi-year performance trends shown & reported for all Talent Pool members
  10. Bespoke Country Talent plans providing an overview of depth & location of Talent

In summary, our Talent Management solutions enable:

  • Competency Assessment
  • Talent Pool Management
  • Critical Role Assessment
  • Development Roadmap

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