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Performance Management

Our performance management solutions encapsulate everything you would expect; the setting, monitoring and tracking of performance goals and objectives, including their link to performance based pay.

Some of the functionality available includes:

  1. Direct, no fuss import of each employees’ Performance Management goals
  2. Our own bespoke Performance Management programme is available to you
  3. In-year adjustment to goals and payment linkages
  4. Complex performance tracking against milestones
  5. Clear links shown between performance achieved and rewards available
  6. Annual Appraisal results can also be linked to reward calculations/payouts
  7. Multi-year performance targets/results/trends per employee
  8. User-friendly Performance Management Dashboard for each executive
  9. Individual country plans fully catered for, including multi-country employees
  10. Cost modelling for every performance level by individual/team/country

In summary, our solution helps to facilitate your:

  • Appraisals
  • Goal Setting
  • Variable Pay Calculations
  • Incentive Programme Management

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