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Jobs & Competencies

We are specialists in creating jobs and competencies frameworks to facilitate activity such as – job analysis, job documentation, job evaluation, reconciliation of internal and external considerations and job worth hierarchies.

Our solutions can:

  1. Conduct an efficient job analysis assessment
  2. Facilitate the creation of a job worth hierarchy
  3. Identify job families and matrices
  4. Identify qualifications
  5. Import job descriptions with no fuss
  6. Enable you to create your own job descriptions using our bespoke job description facility
  7. Help you to carry out internal and external job and competencies evaluation processes
  8. Help you to create a competency library specific to your own company’s culture, strategy and goals
  9. Record measurements against a competency to gauge how competent an individual is, and what progress they are making
  10. Record which competencies an individual is focusing on in a given time period
  11. Help you to select people based on the competencies they possess and how competent they are
  12. Help you to select a role and finding people that possess the competencies to fill that role

In summary, our jobs and competencies solution can incorporate:

  • Job & Competency Libraries
  • Job Evaluations
  • Skills Gap Analyses

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