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Our Solutions

We specialise in designing and building software solutions for companies in the areas of:

  • Performance Management – setting, monitoring and tracking of performance goals and objectives, including their link to performance based pay
  • Talent Management – facilitating the attraction, retention and motivation of a company’s talent pool
  • Reward & Remuneration – planning, implementing and modelling of all aspects of reward
  • Seamless integration of the above ALL IN ONE PLACE.

If you prefer, we assimilate your existing platforms and processes and integrate them into one seamless service.

For the last 20 years or so, we have been working with clients who had been having issues gathering and making use of information about their executives. Typically there were many sources and formats of information, or large unwieldy spreadsheets. Sometimes there was a system that didn’t quite do all that was needed. In most cases there was an inordinate amount of time and resource being spent on collecting, managing and, due to fears of quality, triple checking data. For many companies, this alone makes communicating and engaging with their executives about their performance and remuneration very challenging.

Our solutions provide a central, single location and source of information for companies for managing their talent. It can be accessible for different access tiers when needed in order to facilitate the collection, ownership and communication of information. Built in collaboration with our clients throughout years of experience working in this market, the system acts as an enabler to collect, analyse and report upon your information, while performing checks and balances to ensure quality of data. This enables the solution to be used as an engagement tool for your executives to facilitate the move away from an entitlement culture towards a pay for performance approach.

Created upon a framework foundation that can be tailored to the way you manage and communicate your reward, together we’ll work out which functions you need and when you need them.

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