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How We Do It

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!! The system is yours, not ours, so it is important that you feel and are part of the design and development team. Preferably, this includes representatives of all user groups at all levels.

Yes we have a framework solution to base your system on, however, it is built in such a way that it can be flexed to your own specific requirements as much or as little as needed. Everything is there for a reason – there is no redundant functionality.

We don’t start with the inputs, we start with the end results you are hoping this system will achieve, or the issues that you want the system to help you overcome. And we work backwards from there. This approach allows us to focus on what is really important to you and ensures we capture all of the requirements to achieve this from the outset, thus avoiding any additional and unnecessary redevelopment. It also allows us to take what has worked for you before and what you like about any existing systems you may have but from a more strategic and conceptual approach in relation to the end result they achieve, rather than the prescriptive way of how you currently do something.

We genuinely care. We pride ourselves by adding value at every opportunity; clients have often referenced us as being like another “department” within their organisation – one they get on with we hasten to add! It is this partnership relationship that is so important to us. In fact, we have even turned away clients where this wasn’t the relationship they were looking for.

Our clients shouldn’t compromise on the solution they decide to adopt and we wholeheartedly feel the same about the clients we choose to work with. There is no point on us working with clients who do not share the same values and principles that we do as the connection simply won’t be there that is necessary to make the relationship work for the long-term.

Our clients make the decision to work with us only once and we take this decision seriously. Our collaborative approach and partnerships with our clients extends seamlessly into long term business intimacy.

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